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      Daily power generation on Sunny Day                           Daily power generation on Cloudy Day
    Remarks: Above power generation is only for your reference. We can not make a promise for that because the power generation will be different with different area and different situation of illumination.Please kindly note.
    Service Time
    Model Led Bulb(3W) Laptop(50W) TV(60W) Fan(60W)
    XT-BP-SK400 130H 8H 7H 7H
    XT-GP-SK400 260H 16H 14H 14H
    XT-HP-SK400 400H 24H 20H 20H
    Model Input Power Output Power Output Voltage Output Frequency Battery Capacity
    MG-BP-SK400 100w 400w 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz 12v50ah
    MG-GP-SK400 200W 400W 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz 12v100ah
    MG-HP-SK400 300w 400w 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz 12v150ah


       Configuration List   



    Model MG-BP-SK400 MG-GP-SK400 MG-HP-SK400
    Solar Panel(100W) 1 2 3
    Controller & Inverter AIO(400W) 1 1 1
    Gel Battery 12v50ah 12v100ah 12v150ah
    LED Bulb(3w) 1 1 1
    Transformers Lamp(3w) 1 1 1
    Connecting Cable / Fuse / User Manual

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